It’s as simple as this— I’m like a crow with a shiny object. Something about a person captures my attention. It may be the way light defines the jaw, the way striped fabric curves on the shoulder or the unruliness of a tuft of hair ….and I take the hook!


“A young man proudly presenting a cutthroat trout; an officer of the law staring sternly downward at the viewer; a series of eight men wearing a variety of hats; a self portrait showing the artist’s relationship to plants; a triptych featuring Gates, Jobs and Zuckerberg as religious icons: These are but a small sample of the subject matter in Pat Baron Monigold’s painting world. Each painting, be it portrait or still life, is rendered to strong geometric perfection. The mastery of the oil medium is evident in her use of chiaroscuro and shadow to enhance the three dimensional relief of the subject. The splendid use of sfumato creates fine and gradual tonal changes. More important than the superior skill involved in is the humanism, humor and insight captured in these paintings. In the subtlety and grace of her oils, Monigold demonstrates the mastery of an art form, resulting in widespread acclaim.” – Guillermo – Taos, New Mexico

To Serve and Protect

Oil on Canvas, 20 x 16 inches

The oil painting, To Serve and Protect, is the winner of
The Artist’s Magazine “Artists over 60” competition
and appears in the March 2014 issue.

To Serve and Protect

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TAM 2013 Over 60 Competition Winner